How to understand your true performance on Social Media

If you don’t measure your performance how can you improve it ?

Analyser PRO simply and easily analyses both your and your competitors’ performance across the Facebook ecosystem and lets you know which type has performed the best and then allows you to export this in reports to share with your clients or team.

Utilising Natural Language Processing

With the advent of AI, it has become easier to focus on human interaction and communication. Natural Language Processing or NLP is the sub field of AI that brings to you the understanding and processing of human languages.

Analyser PRO utilises the power of Semantic Analysis

What is semantic? When you really want to understand meaning in text.   Semantic analysis describes the process of understanding natural language–the way that humans communicate–based on meaning and context.

Understands the importance of customer voice for business

Every business places the feedback of a customer as its highest priority. Our application is built in a manner so that you reap maximum benefit of customer analysis and understanding.

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Watch your business grow to its maximum strength with Analyser PRO

This is your human aspect of Social Media analysis.

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